Wireless App Debugging

Normally, developers use ADB over USB, but it is also possible to use ADB over Wi-fi. This saves programmers wire-related troubles like damaged USB ports and cables. Wireless debugging also enables you to test apps that require you to move around for testing.

ADB is short for Android Debug Bridge.  It is a software that bridges the gap between your Android device and a computer, allowing you to send high-level commands to your phone or tablet over a USB data cable or wirelessly.

Follow the below steps to enable wireless app debugging.

Step 1:  Connect the Android device and the computer on the same wi-fi network.

Screenshot 45

Step 2: Navigate to Settings > Wi-Fi settings and hit the little button to access the advanced wi-fi settings as shown on your right


Step 3: Note or write down the local IP address as shown on the left





Step 4: Connect your Android device with USB cable to the computer. As soon as the connection is established the computer will detect your device and ADB will start running in the USB mode.

Step 5: Launch the Command Window Prompt and type the following command to restart the adb in tcpip mode.

                                                  adb tcpip 5555

For the curious TCP/IP is short or Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. TCP/IP is the suite of communications protocols used to connect hosts on the Internet. 5555 is a port ranger number used by the server to find your device. The range is 5555 to 5585 and the server allocates 5555 by default.

Step 6:  Unplug your phone and type the below command to start the ADB in wireless

                                                  adb connect

You’re now ready to go!, Enjoy ADB over Wi-fi.

If you your phone goes off or restarts you have to start the process again. If you move out of the wi-fi network then repeat step six only

Please see the below image straight from my CMD window.


Remember it always recommended to avoid using this on UNSAFE public networks as anyone in your network can connect to your device in the debug mode.
Switching back to your normal USB cable mode is easy. All you have to do is type:

                                                  adb -s



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